Nature in the Familyland area

Brabant Wal and Grenspark de Zoom

Familyland holiday park is part of nature reserve De Brabantse Wal and is situated in the middle of the woods, right next to Grenspark De Zoom – Kalmthoutse Heide. This makes it ideal for nature lovers who are looking for a bungalow for a week or weekend to go out in the beautiful Dutch nature. For more tourist information, please inform the Tourist Office brabantse wal. In the reception of Familyland a service point of the tourist office is set up and you can take most of the information directly with you.

The Brabantse Wal

On the border of Brabant and Zeeland lies a striking landscape, the Brabantse wal. In this landscape lies a so-called steep edge, an abrupt transition from higher sandy soil to a lower sea clay area. For more information about the Brabant wal you can visit the website about this area.

Grenspark De Zoom – Kalmthoutse Heide

Grenspark De Zoom – Kalmthoutse Heide is not just a forest, it is a very varied nature reserve with numerous fens, heathlands, country dunes and extensive forests. It contains rare natural values and is of important scenic and cultural-historical significance for both the Netherlands and Belgium.

The nearly 4000 hectares of nature reserve are a valuable natural asset, and are therefore well protected and managed. Since Grenspark De Zoom – Kalmthoutse Heide is visited by tens of thousands of visitors every year, a good balance between conservation and recreation is of great importance. The central part of the nature reserve is mainly resting area for plants and animals, at the edges is for visitors all the space to discover the area. If you follow the signposted walking routes, you will pass the most characteristic spots and beautiful vistas. There is also a 32-kilometre cycle route around the Grenspark, which shows you the various landscapes in and around the nature reserve.

On holiday with the dog?

On different hiking trails you can take the dog with you, this is indicated on the hiking trails (see others. Your four-legged friend is also welcome at familyland bungalow Familyland You walk right into the woods from your bungalow, making our holiday park a perfect location for a holiday with your dog.

Halsters Laag

Not far from bungalow park Familyland, between Bergen op Zoom and Steenbergen, is the Halsters Laag: a beautiful nature reserve which has been transformed into what it was: a beautiful peatland thanks to intervention from the State Forest Service: a beautiful peatland. In the Halsters Laag a boot path of 4 kilometers has been set out: the French path. If you follow the bollards with blue boots, you will come across wet grassland, ghostly groves and pools full of toads and salamanders. Highly recommended for those who love special nature. And here too dogs are welcome to walk (on a leash) along!

It is also possible to cycle through the nature reserve: the old church path from Moerstraten to Lepelstraat has been extended and opened up.

For more information, please visit

Botanical Garden Arboretum Oudenbosch

The Botanical Garden Arboretum Oudenbosch is a former monastery garden in West Brabant with a special collection of trees and shrubs. The collection of trees and shrubs is managed as is customary for botanical gardens worldwide, according to scientific protocol. The collection of trees and shrubs has grown steadily in recent decades, but is still in full development.

This beautiful garden covers an area of more than 4 hectares and offers the visitor the opportunity to walk in peace and in the meantime to enjoy the beauty of the plant world.

It is possible to book a tour, in order to learn even more about the history of the Arboretum and to hear all the facts about the trees and plants. Or you can join the tour which starts every Sunday afternoon at 1.30pm.

More information can be found on the website of the Arboretum:

Heemtuin Rucphen

In Rucphen you will find one of the most beautiful wild flower gardens in the Netherlands, the Heemtuin Rucphen. The more than 2 hectares of garden was built by employees of the Social Work Service in Roosendaal, and shows an image of the nature and landscape of Brabant in the fifties and sixties.

You will find: 400 species of wild plants, 26 species of day butterflies, 24 species of dragonflies and water yobs and 30 species of breeding birds.

It is possible to book a group tour. For more information about opening hours, please visit

Biesbosch National Park

The Biesbosch National Park is a fairly exceptional nature reserve. In addition to the unique landscape, it has been widely known by the beavers, which have been found in the Biesbosch since 1988. They are originally from the Elbe area in Germany and have been evicted by the State Forest Service in the Biesbosch. According to the last count, there are about 200 beavers living in the Biesbosch National Park.

The Biesbosch can call itself National Park because it is one of the largest valuable natural areas of our country. It is a true paradise for every nature lover.

Several companies organize cruises through the Biesbosch, some even offer a complete day program. For more information, look for or

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