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Familyland will change to Family Resort & Adventure Park "De Tovertuin" by Woezel & Pip

As you had probably already heard from the media, Familyland has been acquired by Van Hoorne Studios, which in Ablasserwaard has had great success with Avonturenboerderij en Familie Resort Molenwaard
From Fien & Teun exploit. Familyland will transform over the next 2 years into the Family Resort & Adventure Park The Magic Garden, by Woezel & Pip. The renovated park will open its doors in 2026. The concept, unique by Dutch standards, will soon realize a total experience aimed at parents and children up to about 10 years of age.

Our vacation park will be updated in the coming period, with many new facilities including its own children’s theater, themed swimming pool, renovated catering facilities, merchandise store, events hall, as well as beautiful accommodation in the theme of Woezel & Pip. In addition to the future Family Resort, there will be an Adventure Park
with various attractions, outdoor and indoor playgrounds and, of course, a children’s theater for a complete day out with the family!

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