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Brabant city of Bergen op Zoom

When you talk about Bergen op Zoom, you are talking about Burgundian Brabant in its purest form. Narrow streets, old squares and quirky monuments tell the city’s rich past. The historic center is a bustling shopping town, where shopping is great. In addition, Bergen op Zoom is located in a beautiful wooded area (part of landscape De Brabantse Wal), where you can spend hours biking and/or hiking.


Lovers of historic buildings will enjoy the downtown area of Bergen op Zoom. Here the city’s rich past is still evident in the numerous beautifully restored buildings. The most notable monument is Het Markiezenhof, the former residential palace of the Lords and Marquises of Bergen op Zoom. Today it is in use as a museum, where as you walk through its many rooms, halls, galleries, stair towers, courtyards and gardens, you can get an idea of the posh way of life of its former residents.

In addition, the city center has more than 800 monuments, more than 200 of which are on the National Monument List. From May through October, the monuments are open for viewing. City Hall, the former Synagogue, St. Gertrudis Church and the Prison Gate can be visited Tuesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The monumental buildings together with the many quaint stores, cozy cafes and restaurants create a unique atmosphere in the center of Bergen op Zoom. Therefore, the city is well worth a visit. If you really want to get to know Bergen op Zoom well, a city walk through the center is highly recommended. At VVV Brabantse Wal you can buy a walking guide, which will lead you past all monuments and other places of interest in and around the center. If you want to explore the city with a larger group, it is possible to take a walking tour led by a guide from the Foundation for the Visiting of Monuments. During the months of June through September, a city tour is held every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon, which you can join. This walk starts from the Old Town Hall in the Grand Place at 2 p.m.

For more information visit VVV Brabantse Wal or visit


In the cozy shopping center of Bergen op Zoom you will find stores of large chains, but also surprising smaller stores. From designer furniture to cooking stores, from unusual flower stores to hobby stores, from second-hand clothes to chocolate specialty stores: you will find it all in the cozy historic streets of Bergen op Zoom. At the tourist office at bungalow park Familyland, brochures are available about all that Bergen op Zoom has to offer.

Art and antiques

In addition to Bergen op Zoom’s 800-plus monuments, you will also find various galleries, antique dealers, exhibitions and expositions. You will discover them as you walk through the city. If you want a more targeted search, ask for information from VVV Brabantse Wal or visit

Food and drink

Of course, this Burgundian city should not lack atmospheric cafes and cozy restaurants. You will therefore find a variety of catering establishments in Bergen op Zoom: from simple eateries for a simple meal, to culinary toppers. For a list of all cafes and restaurants in Bergen op Zoom, visit VVV Brabantse Wal or the reception desk of bungalow park Familyland.